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Lane4 isn’t an ordinary organisation. Spend nine weeks with this business consultancy firm like we did, and you’ll see first-hand just how extraordinary the team is.

Working with businesses across the globe, Lane4 helps clients get the best from their people through cultural transformation, development and training.

Because of this, Lane4’s new office is about so much more than just a better bit of real estate; it’s about practising what they preach!

Amazing atriums

Atriums are an incredible way to let more natural light into your space. Our Head of Design, Adrian Norman fell in love with the space and used it to create a focal point for Lane4’s agile work environment, acting as the heart of the house.

It was naturally suited to be a breakout space, and was finished with a well-balanced design that brings both people and the spaces together; much like the kitchen and living spaces at home!

On one end is bleacher seating and a client coffee lounge; at the other end, a kitchen and informal working areas. Overhead wooden beams extend from the kitchen into the coffee lounge to bring these two areas together, while the gradually changing colour palette creates an aesthetic flow from end to end. Plants and green walls are used throughout to bring the design together - and working perfectly to bring the outdoors in!

C​orridor creativity

Running alongside the interior of the atrium’s glass wall is a corridor of wonderful work booths and alternative seating areas for impromptu catch ups. On the other side of this corridor is the open plan office with workstations, lockers and storage.

By utilising the glass walls in this way, we’ve maximised natural light and created continuity through the office. The two areas are linked but without distracting employees concentrating at their desks or hampering the collaboration of those in the atrium. And, not forgetting the tasks in between, the work areas in the corridor are perfect for breaking up the monotony of sitting at a desk all day. We think this is a great example of office design that supports activity based working.

Pretty plantscaping

Want the delights of a living wall without the hassle of maintenance or reinforcements? You’re not alone! Lane4 wanted a biophilic feature in its office that wouldn't break the bank or lose its sparkle within a few weeks.

Petrified moss hits the brief perfectly. After a natural preservation process, these plants keep their interesting texture, details and bright colour for years to come. All they need is a little humidity and to be kept away from direct sunlight. The great thing about petrified moss is it can fit into space where a living wall wouldn’t be feasible - providing pretty much endless creative opportunities! Petrified moss also has surprisingly high noise-absorption properties making it ideal for high-traffic areas like Lane4’s open plan office.

Where in the world are you?

London, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Athens, Mexico City and Montreal. You can visit all these great Olympic host cities just by strolling through the office’s meeting rooms.

Adrian Moorhouse, Lane4 co-founder and British Olympic gold medalist, won his career-defining gold medal at the Seoul Olympics in, you guessed it - lane four! A few years later, with leading performance psychologist Professor Graham Jones and business executive Adrian Hutchinson, Lane4 business consultancy was born.

We love creative touches in the workplace and give this simple design tactic is a fun way to communicate your brand story to employees and clients.

Letting the light in

The great thing about moving into Maidenhead’s TOR building is its excellent natural light. This helps reduce the occupiers’ carbon footprint, increase energy savings and also brings about wellbeing and sleep benefits for the staff!

The base build contractor used a significant amount of glass and double-glazed partitions to make sure natural light isn’t obstructed; but, for us, this meant considering ventilation, heat reduction and glare carefully - without compromising the design’s integrity.

Without exception, every person who came up to me [after we moved in] was glowing in their praise for the design. The quality of finish and execution of the plan was outstanding. You really know how to run a great project. Thank you so much for your creativity, your flexibility, your patience and your hard work.
Adrian Moorhouse, Managing Director, Lane4

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