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Global technology and business processing company Xchanging’s strapline is “inspiring innovation” so it was only right that their new premises did just this.

Xchanging’s previous offices were being redeveloped so they saw it as a good opportunity to redefine the workspace. They wanted a turnkey solution from Morgan Lovell, who were in a unique position to do all the work from data collection to visioning. 

The new 50,000 sq ft space in the Walbrook Building in the Walbrook Triangle now reflects the company’s core values and centres on a better environment for staff and clients.

Staff have embraced a completely new way of activity-based working and now come together on one floor. Everyone hot-desks (there are no allocated desks, just lockers) and there is enough space to have private conversations, with spaces for heads-down work, phone booths and client areas. The demonstration rooms are a great place to showcase the innovative solutions offered by Xchanging. 

The London office is about capturing the new character of Xchanging. We want it to be a sales-led organisation, one that’s customer-focused and one that uses technology as a driver of change.

Ken Lever, Chief Executive, Xchanging

He adds: “The environment is one that will, through collaboration and technology, stimulate people to think more innovatively.” The new customer and café areas are a real hit too. Lever adds: “We have created an environment that everyone will enjoy working in. It provides us with the opportunity to leave behind the baggage of the past and focus very much on the importance of the future.” 

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