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Giant bunnies and chocolate wallpaper. We're pleased to introduce you to Britain's most decadent office design and fit out yet.

Bedfont Lakes, Feltham

25,000 sq ft

19 weeks

The design brief

Lindt wanted to express their rich Swiss heritage and product range, yet also provide their staff with an inspiring place to work. After all, it is technically a chocolate factory!

People were at the centre of the brief, with a big focus on workplace benefits and healthy working habits. They also wanted to increase the areas available for collaboration, so they had recently acquired an additional floor to house the client-facing areas, giving their staff more room to work and collaborate.

Lindt curvy sofa green carpet office design

Workplace consultancy

We started their workplace consultancy phase with interviews, questionnaires, and a time utilisation study, to really get a thorough understanding of how the staff used their office. Lindt wanted to inspire change in their staff, so really understanding how their teams enjoyed working would be the cornerstone of any new office design. We found that they love to collaborate, however, felt held back by a lack of spontaneous meeting areas.

Lindt office breakout space ideas

Entering the chocolate factory

Throughout the office we’ve embodied the textures and visual flavours of each of their core products, with warm caramel, milk, white, and dark chocolate finishes. While you won’t need a golden ticket to enter, Lindt’s reception is welcoming and sophisticated; with rich caramel walls flanked by a dark chocolate brown reception desk. Suspended round light fittings also represent a gentle nod to their flagship Lindor Balls.

As you make your way further into the office, you’ll see large full-length wall decals that show everything, including; cocoa beans hanging from trees, the chocolate-making process and a larger than life cartoon backdrop that’s home to their metre tall chocolate bunny!

Lindt soft coca seed wall print
Lindt collaborative workspace

Collaborating with guests

We designed their newly acquired ground floor to be a client-facing meeting, collaboration and entertainment precinct. Each meeting room has been elegantly themed to showcase a key stage within their chocolate-making process. This provided a light touch (and product insight) into an otherwise sophisticated and elegant conference space. On the upper office floor, we designated collaboration areas through the use of parabolic carpet lines; ensuring each breakout area felt like a unique space, separate from the open plan office floor. The use of circular lines was extended into the selection of furniture; with a wave lounge allowing staff to have different meetings in close proximity, yet retain their privacy.

We also provided a mix of furnishings to support different meeting styles, including groups of ottomans for quick chats and pairs of solo chairs, which also look like giant cocoa beans from behind. Since space was at a premium, we installed semi-private meeting pods, complete with a table, monitor and three-quarter walls. These afford staff somewhere to meet away from their desks and conduct a meeting in relative privacy, yet still open to the floor. Naturally, they were finished in a mix of chocolate brown and iconic Lindt red.

Lindt modern meeting pod
Lindt open plan meeting room design

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