Working wonders for wellbeing

This workplace puts people front and centre; whether it's starting your day with a freshly squeezed juice at reception, working in the relaxing library or getting your blood pumping at the on-site gym.

Epsom Gateway, Surrey

40,000 sq ft

Fully equipped gym

The brief

Our workplace consultancy team worked closely with Nuffield Health to perform a detailed workplace analysis gathered via qualitative and quantitative methods including staff interview, utilisation studies and workshops. This information helped to inform the design process by highlighting what had worked well and what didn’t, as well as providing a unique insight into how space was used and critically how it could be better utilised.

Nuffield Health office interior design
Nuffield health biophilic design

The design

The office design incorporated the key objectives of embracing wellbeing and increasing productivity and also a move away from traditional work styles (fixed desks, inflexible meeting areas) to an agile working model where space is optimally utilised. This new model involved the introduction of a hot desking policy and the creation of a variety of dynamic work settings that provided staff with a choice of environments that they could choose to work from. This new way of working empowers staff to choose where and how they can work dependant on the task at hand and has resulted in >30% perceived increase in productivity.

Starting the day right

To create a more welcoming guest experience, we swapped out your typical reception desk for a concierge operated juice and coffee bar. This creates a more open atmosphere for clients and colleagues entering the office and allows them to pick up a quick refreshment on their way to their meeting. It also embodies the fresh and active culture that Vitality is so well renowned for.

Nuffield Health office design for wellbeing

Optimising meeting spaces

The initial research highlighted the fact that larger meeting rooms were underutilised and that some 10 person rooms were regularly used for small 1 to 1 catch ups – not an efficient use of space. To address this issue, more informal spaces were introduced to the workspace for staff to catch up and also a variety of different sized meeting rooms for more formal team meetings. In addition, a fully-equipped tech bar and staff café, complete with an impressive community wall of eight 55” screens to connect staff with the wider Nuffield Health community.

Get outside

Early on in the process, outside space was pinpointed as a key concern for staff and consequently, a courtyard area was introduced to facilitate outdoor working and an area where staff could unwind and relax during breaks. The transformation has truly been amazing with 91% of staff stating that they would be proud to show visitors the new office (up from 33%), and post-occupancy surveys showing that staff productivity, morale and general happiness have all increased significantly. The result is a workplace which encapsulates Nuffield Health’s people and wellbeing-focused philosophies whilst also reflecting its willingness to embrace new technologies and new ways of working.

Nuffield boardroom design with bookshelves and tech
Nuffield office gym for staff wellbeing
Nuffield Health's office courtyard

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