The Best of British

Tech offices are renowned for being at the forefront of office design, often blurring the lines between work and play. They have great facilities for staff, often with vast breakout spaces and kitchens; catering to their employees every need. Just think of Google – their offices are often more akin to a hangout space, rather than a traditional corporate office.

HPH5 - Hyde Park Hayes

52,000 sq ft

SKA Gold

The very best of British

When Rackspace came knocking, we knew they wouldn’t settle for special – they’d want spectacular. We’ve designed and built two spaces for Rackspace in Greater London, providing dynamic workplaces for their international team.

Being the UK HQ, they wanted to reflect the best of British through their office design. We took out all the stops to pay homage to Britain, starting with a 10 Downing Street replica facade, tube carriage, British explorer and poet themed meeting rooms, a James Bond wall relief and of course, there’s the infamous Mini Cooper in the reception.

Distinctive personalities

Each floor has its own personality, creating a distinct sense of space for the different environments and working styles promoted on each floor. The social breakout space is in the light-filled atrium garden, while the boardroom is housed within a 10 Downing Street façade.

The garden on the top floor is perfect for team meetings or town halls; with integrated projectors and flexible garden furniture that can be easily moved; with comfy low seats, deck chairs and picnic tables. Or, staff can even sit down on the faux grass, which is more welcoming than sitting on the carpet if you’re over the age of 12!

Rackspace 10 downing street boardroom design idea
Rackspace communal area design idea

Fascinating furniture

Furniture was tailored to fit in with each themed area within the office. The 1970s themed floor has white rounded chairs to give off that chic 70s vibe, and orange-topped tables to match the equally bright carpet. Deckchairs and picnic tables are used throughout the top-floor garden, while brown leather chesterfield sofas flank the 10 Downing Street meeting room.

Sea of flags

The office is home to Rackspace’s UK-based support staff, who hail from more than 20 different nations. To pay homage and showcase their staff’s backgrounds, we created a sea of flags on the ceiling of the second floor; from Australia to Zimbabwe (and of course, all the nations of the UK). This is truly an international and inclusive workplace.

Rackspace office furniture design ideas chesterfied sofa
Rackspace breakout area furniture ideas
rackspace inclusive open plan office ideas

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